Copper Hair Color

Hair color Copper
Embracing Copper


I love being blonde because for me it makes my face looks brighter but once in a while going dark is not that bad. I chose to go try Copper. As my awesome brother, Buddy would say Copper is the new Blonde. But as a blondie (most of the time) I know that these copper hair color will just fade give or take 3 weeks. To seal the copper hair color in, I had my hair treated with Brazilian Blowout. Envy Me Salon has an on going Brazilian Blowout promo for only 3,999 any length you’ll get the Original Brazilian Blowout Treatment.


Brazilian Blowout Treatment
Brazilian Blowout Promo


Brazilian Blowout Trivia:

  • Brazilian Blowout Treatment should always be done LAST. You can have your hair rebonding, highlights or hair color first then seal it with Brazilian Blowout.
  • Brazilian Blowout give your hair awesome softness and shine it locks in fashion hair color like copper and it will not fade as fast as it normally does.
  • You can not color your hair after 3 weeks right after a Brazilian Blowout.
  • Brazilian Blowout will enhance the health of your hair.
  • It is not a straightening treatment
  • It only eliminates Frizz (buhaghag)
  • Brings back highlighted, deeply bleached, porous and damaged hair to life



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