RED Hair Color

I’ve recently blogged about my journey form being blonde to copper. And now I’ve amp it a bit higher by having my hair colored intense RED. I’ve talked about taking risk and moving outside your comfort zone and it has been given me a lot of surprises and self discovery so far, might as well keep on doing it, right? If i haven’t tried it I wouldn’t know that RED hair color also look great on me.

hair color
RED coming up!

Hair Color in process. Light Intense RED blonde hair color was the choice.

Red hair color
“this girl is on FIRE”

The end result after hair color plus Brazilian Blowout.

For colored and bleached hair like mine it is highly advisable to get a Brazilian Blowout right after hair color.

IMPORTANT DETAIL: Take note that hair color will vary depends on the current color and condition of your hair for more intense REDness it will require pale yellow undertone or SUPER bleached hair.

 HAIR MAINTENANCE TIPS for colored hair: artificial hair color like RED will just fade away give it 3-4 weeks max. To maintain the shine and make the color last longer, DO NOT shampoo EVERYDAY. DO condition your hair everyday and focus on the END and TIPS.

braid hairstyle
braided RED hair


Go try and explore different hair colors.

To get a professional hair colorist go and book for an appointment at

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Here are some photos of hollywood and local celebrities that inspired my RED hair color. Rila Fukushima of the recent hit movie “Wolverine”, Rihanna, Hayley Nichole Williams of Paramore and our local celebrity KC Conception and Yeng Constantino 

celebrities with red hair color
Celebrities with RED hair color

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