group pic with Ms. Liz Uy

I had the privilege to meet Ms Liz Uy up close and had my STYLIZED book signed by her personally. She came to my home town General Santos City for her book signing at SM Gensan.

I’m one of the lucky people who got the chance to ask Ms. Liz Uy a question together with these other fashionistas. I asked her how she organize her closet is it by color, style or functionality. She graciously answered, Hmmmmm medyo hirap yan na question ah. But I organize it by functionality then by color. The blazers go along other blazers, skirts, blouses, dresses etc. One day I’ll get to have my own walk-in closet and arrange it the same way she does. (hehehehe)

look at my FAN-girl reaction hehehehe

Look at that facial reaction major fan-girl (hehehehe). She has been my THIN-spiration, motivate myself to eat clean and take care of my body like she does. Being fit makes you look EXTRA good on cloths and you’ll get to explore more styles and different combinations. I often get compliments from friends that I look like Ms. Liz Uy (syempre nakaka good vibes un dba???) Ka-look-a-like ko DAW si Ms. Liz Uy our country’s most sought after fashion and style icon.


styLIZed book


with Ms. Liz Uy


Thank you Ms. Liz for the sweet note you wrote in my STYLIZED book. ‘Til we meet again.

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