Balayagé and Balayagé-Ombré Hair color by Buddy Congson

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Balayagé is a French way of coloring hair which literally means “to sweep” in French. So the artist freehand paints the color on the surface of your hair. The effect is a sunkissed glow in the hair that looks like it was touched and colored naturally by the sun.

Balayagé-Ombré is a style where there’s a gradiation of color from dark to light ranging from a myriad of colors and hues to choose from.

Balayagé when done right becomes a Sombré (soft ombré). Coz Balayage mimics how the sun would naturally lighten the hair for that super natural dimensional look.

Ombré is a style that looks like a Balayagé-Ombré but more grown out. It may start wherever you want it to. It has that more rooty grown out look but still looks professionally done.

Balayagé services are designed to be personalized for you to enhance your facial structure and compliment your skin type and color and haircut as well.

Ecaille Balayage Hair Color Balayage by Buddy
ombre cheyser hair color ombre by buddy hair by buddy
balayage ombre balayage by buddy
Balayagé Ombré
balayage by buddy
Balayagé Ombré
balayage by buddy sombre soft ombre
Sombré (Soft Ombré)
balayage ombre balayage by buddy
Balayagé Ombré
Dimensional Balayagé Ombré

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