Hairstyles for 2015 (women)


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I have collected all the suggested and trending 2015 women hairstyles from hair gurus, red carpet, runways, fashion shows and fashion week.

I’ve also filtered them to what is achievable and wearable.


  • BED HEAD Hairstyle. This hair style look like you just came out of bed, finger combed your hair then your already up and about but still looking fabulous. Is this achievable? I say YES all you need is a well maintained, well conditioned hair. My Suggestion, get your hair blown out to eliminate the frizziness but still maintain that bounce, volume and body of your hair plus the shine. You can get your hair blown out professionally get a Brazilian Blowout or Renew Keratin Blowout.


  • AIR DRIED TEXTURE. You can achieve this look by simply doing a basic braid on your wet hair depending how thick it is. For thin hair, you can do with just 2 sections. For thick hair, do 4 sections. You can choose either to blow dry it or just wait for it to be air dried then release your hair. This will look well for hair that is cut with texture or layered hair.26-air-dried-hair-yigal-azrouel-w724

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