Blue and Green Hair for Jed this Summer

AAA1234I received an inquiry regarding fashion hair color last week from a loving and very supportive father, Danny Sabino of Thumbs Up!

His son, Jed wanted to have a blue and green combo hair color for this summer.

They sent me this photo, his peg:

11063260_10204008031617429_282026665_nI consulted sir Danny and oriented him of the process and how long it will take to achieve the blue and green hair color, and that I need to lift the level of the hair color of Jed up to palest yellow before putting in the color blue and green.

The process:

1. Bleached Jed’s hair only the section where we want to place the blue and green hair color.


2. Re-applied bleach.11068833_10204008035057515_2033777047_n

3. Applied and Place color

     11063399_10204008040977663_427527313_n10913708_10204008038897611_657833190_n 11063267_10204008039417624_753370407_n

  961613_10204008042417699_997286629_n10949798_10204008044097741_1381553934_n11075904_10204008041457675_623308988_n11050989_10204008044297746_1154966503_n  The result:

  11063406_10204008049257870_1910870870_n11046985_10204008049017864_1554156906_n11076118_10204008048777858_1665909987_n   11077496_10204008049297871_2049780498_n11063354_10204008048737857_540000860_n11075928_10204008049177868_1231973970_n

Photo credit to sir Danny Sabino of Thumbs Up!

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