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L’oreal POWER DOSE explained

By Donna Mae  //  Hair  //  14 Comments

One of the most powerful HAIR TREATMENT I know that is great for damaged hair is L’OREAL POWER DOSE. This comes in a vial which is very concentrated. In salons they charge you per vial also.

hair treatment l'oreal power dose

L’OREAL POWER DOSE treatment as I have discussed from my prior post about HAIR TREATMENTS works it’s magic from the inside of our hair. But their are also different types of L’OREAL POWER DOSE which will cater to what our hair needs.

Different Types of L’OREAL POWER DOSE:

  • POWERDOSE COLOR with Incell, Ionéne G and Hydro-Resist – targets the three zones cortex, cuticle and surface. Sets and protect color, while reinforcing hair fiber.
  • POWERDOSE CONTRAST with Nutriceride – targets two zones cuticle and surface. Selectively targets highlights to deeply condition and brighten without weighing the rest fo the hair down.
  • SHAMPOO POWER REPAIR B with Neofibrine – targets two zones cuticle and surface. Gentle cleansing shampoo and deep conditioning repair treatment.
  • POWER REPAIR B with Neofibrine – targets two zones the cuticle and surface. Deep conditioning treatment

Source: (L’oreal Professionnel Website)

L’OREAL POWER DOSE doesn’t take long actually it just needs to stay in the hair for about 3 to 5 minutes then the hair stylist can rinse it off. Although you say this sounds easy you also need to go to a professional hair stylist or salon because these treatments are not sold in the market. It is for professional use only. Why you say? because professional hairstylist are trained and are well versed with the different type of products that are needed by your hair.

ENVY ME SALONS are located at:
Robinsons Place General Santos City tel # (083) 554-2134
fronting NCCC Mall Matina Davao City tel # (082) 297-3459
Gaisano South Citimall Illustre Street Davao City tel # (082) 305-9318

HAIRS & NAILS SALONS are located at:
2nd level KCC Mall of GENSAN tel # (083) 301-4822
3rd floor KCC Mall of Marbel tel # (083) 228-9048
Tionko Bldg. Duterte Street (fronting Shakeys) Davao City tel # (082) 305-3401 or 225-0698

2nd level Gaisano Grand Tagum City

Expression Salon

Gaisano Mall of Iligan tel # (063) 221-9883

Gaisano Mall Cagayan de oro City

So, if you have damaged hair go to your favorite salon and get a L’OREAL POWER DOSE treatment.



By Donna Mae  //  Hair, Tips  //  263 Comments

hair rebonding before and after


It is a chemical process done to the hair breaking the bond of the hair shaft and re-bonding it again to change the shape of the bond of the hair shaft therefore changing the state of the hair. It permanently makes the hair straight, manageable, silky, smooth and shinny. Once hair experience HAIR REBONDING this will last until the rest of the hairs life.
bond of hair

Is HAIR REBONDING harmfu to the hair?

NO, hair rebonding is not harmful to the hair. Here’s a trivia about hair – hair is actually a dead protein made of keratin, so literally our hair is dead, that’s why it does not hurt when we cut it. If hairstylist are well trained about HAIR REBONDING and do the right process results are 100% guaranteed straight, shinny silky and manageable hair.



  • the newest way to safely straighten the hair
  • leaves hair silky, smooth, shinny and manageable
  • do not contain LYE chemical
  • longer process
  • not harmful to the scalp
  • expensive


  • old way of straightening hair
  • contains LYE chemical
  • quick and one process only
  • leaves hair straight but not smooth and silky hair appears stiff and has rough texture
  • if chemicals touch the scalp it is very harmful and can cause burns
  • very cheap

How long does HAIR REBONDING last?

Once your hair has gone through hair rebonding process it stays that way for the rest of the hairs life. Reviews say that rebonding are done every 6 months because hair growth reach to 3 inches by that time, the average hair growth per month is .492 inches. The review about rebonding every six months is not TRUE because how can a stylist rebond a hair with 3 inches long only. Hair rebonding for new hair growth is done ONCE A YEAR, where in hair growth reach to up to 6 inches already.

HAIR REBONDING process…. I will explain the process in a not so technical way so that salon clients and soon to be clients will know if the process being done to them is right.

  1. Shampoo hair and dry 100%
  2. Divide into quadrant, and apply HAIR REBONDING cream #1
  3. Leave for 25-30 minutes depending on your hairs state
  4. Rinse thoroughly, towel dry and spray PPT to protect hair from hair iron
  5. Iron hair in paper thin using ceramic and ionic hair iron (important that stylist know how to iron hair properly if not this will cause hair breakage)
  6. After ironing apply HAIR REBONDING cream #2, leave to neutralize for 10-15 minutes
  7. Rinse thoroughly, apply conditioner towel dry and blow dry



  • moisturize hair by purchasing hair maintenance
  • do hair treatment at least once a month
  • ask you stylist for maintenance advice
  • enjoy your new silky, smooth and straight hair


  • do not wet hair for at least 3 days
  • do not use hair clips hair grips etc.
  • do not tack your hair in your ears
  • do not color (permanent) hair for at least two weeks
  • don’t go swimming to beaches and pools after rebonding process
  • don’t forget you HAIR TREATMENT and HAIR MAINTENANCE

TIPS: Invest in your hair it is not called a crowning glory for nothing. Services are meant to be expensive because stylist continually train themselves with new ways and techniques to better serve and deliver great quality service.


  • HAIRS & NAILS SALON & SPA branches (Gen. Santos City, Marbel City, Davao City and soon Tagum City)
  • ENVY ME SALON & SPA (Gen. Santos,  Davao City and Robinsons Galleria )
  • EXPRESSION SALON (Cagayan de oro City & Iligan City)

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